Listen To The Very First Episode Of The ‘Mike On Much’ Podcast Featuring Lights!


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Two months ago, Much introduced a new group of exciting personalities called the Much Creators. These fun YouTubers joined the Much family and have since been providing us with a diverse offering of videos ranging from the hilarious sketches to beauty tips. Today, we add another new Creator (a duo!) to the list: Mike Veerman and Max Kerman! Together, the two present the Mike On Much podcast!

That’s right, instead of videos, Mike On Much will be Much’s very first podcast, a long-form show that will feature exclusive interviews with the biggest names in music and entertainment. These interviews promise to get up close and personal with a subject every episode with Veerman and Kerman providing commentary before and after the interviews (Veerman conducts the interviews). Fellow Much Creator Shane Cunningham will also make an appearance at the end of each episode with a variety of entertaining stories.

For some, you may recognize Max Kerman as the lead singer of the Juno Award-winning band, Arkells. But who is Mike Veerman, you may ask? Well, Veerman has been working at Much for the past 10 years and is currently a producer at the Bell Creative Agency at Much. (He recently directed that kickass SweeTarts/Much internship commercial airing on Much.)

Veerman credits Kerman with the idea of the Mike On Much podcast: “He said, ‘We should do a podcast,’ and I was like, everybody’s got a podcast!” But with their combined interest in the world of podcasts (both are admitted podcast fanatics) as well as Veerman’s natural ability to strike conversations with people and Kerman’s list of musician pals, the two decided to give it a go.

“The intimacy of long-form conversations is a good way to get to know someone,” Veerman says. “And I hope our interviews allow our guests to reflect on their life and career, unguarded and openly. I learn something new from every interview and I hope our listeners do to.”

The first episode of Mike On Much features a very special conversation with Canadian pop star, Lights. Fun fact: Mike’s old band San Sebastian opened for Lights back in the day, but it was a fact that Veerman was a little too shy to bring up during their half-hour chat. That being said, the final product was still very interesting and gives us probably the most intimate look inside Lights’ life that we’ve ever seen (er, heard).

Click play below and enjoy the very first episode Mike On Much! Stay tuned for more episodes to come; till then, you can check out Mike On Much’s brand new Much Creator page!

The Mike on Much podcast can be found on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and YouTube. Follow the guys on Twitter for updates and go behind-the-scenes on Instagram.

Guest portraits by Jenna Gregory.