Liz Trinnear Reveals The Hardest Part Of Her Digital Detox


In a Wi-Fi powered generation that lives by the mantra “Pics or it didn’t happen,” the idea of a digital detox with no phone, Internet or social media might sound like a modern-day horror story.

But that’s exactly what Much’s Liz Trinnear did when she headed to Tofino, British Columbia for the latest Far & Wide episode. She shut down for the entire trip to enjoy the beautiful landscape the island had to offer.

We sat down with Liz to talk about her experience with the detox, how difficult detoxing is, if she would do it again and what advice she’d give to someone wanting to start their own.

“The hardest part of the detox was the initial 24 hours without my phone,” she said, realizing how dependent she was on her electronics, “When I like something, I take a photo of it. When I don’t know something, I Google it.”

Boasting a combined follower count of over 87,000 on Instagram and Twitter, you might’ve expected Liz to cave under the pressure of being phone-less.

“I need my phone for work and social media is a real part of my job and my life, but I think it doesn’t define me,” she said.

Liz also advises digital detoxers to brace themselves: “You’re gonna be anxious,” she said. “Good luck. It’s honestly so hard!”

Watch the interview below and head over to Far & Wide for her Tofino, B.C. adventure.