Lizzo Is The Girl You’ve Got To Know

Know. This. Name. Lizzo. She is your new favourite rapper. Your new favourite singer. Your new favourite musician. Your new favourite human being.

Exhibit A:

Alright now that you a HOOKED, here is what you need to know about Lizzo.

She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota; not the first place you think of when you think of have a vibrant rap scene. But if you look closely enough at a lot of small towns, you will find some very exceptional talent. Lizzo is definitely a stand out. Her first album, Lizzobangers was released one year ago and she has been hustling on the road ever since. She has all the qualities to be a star; a warm but cheeky personality, a unique look, a pop culture knowledge (“Thrift store shopping look like Anna Wintour”) that makes its way into her songs and most importantly incredible musicality.


We aren’t strangers to the rapper who tries to sing or the singer who tries to rap and it isn’t always great. But once you listen to Lizzo enough you start to forget which title you started out thinking defined her. She has an incredible singing voice and an incredibly barbed rap style. Joined by her partner in crime Sophia Eris who DJ’s, provides backing vocals, acts as a featured rapper and provides all other kinds of support, Lizzo makes her live shows unforgettable.

She is currently on a tour that that swung through Toronto earlier this week. I was first introduced to her by accident while on at a concert on a streetcar during North By Northwest. While riding a the TTC along Toronto’s Queen St. she performed a 30 minute set that almost pushed the tram off of the road. Okay not really, but she was so incredible that we ended up going to see her club show later that night. On my birthday. Twice.

Fun Facts:

– Lizzo is signed to Totally Gross National Product, the label curated by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon.

– Listen to Batches and Cookies. It is great.

– She went on tour to support another beautiful oddball, Har Mar Superstar last year.


– She has a new pop disco song with fellow Minnesotan Caroline Smith Let’Em Say. All of the proceeds from that song go towards the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

– She is a big Beyonce fan. Der.


– She is a good twerker.


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You can check out Lizzo on Twitter and on her website. She also has a web series coming soon which should only make her the most famous person ever.