Looking Back at J-Lo’s Most Iconic Dance Choreography

Jennifer Lopez Iconic Video Choreography

There’s no denying that Jennifer Lopez is a mega superstar. The singer, actress, fashion designer and reality TV judge has tried her hand at nearly every aspect of show biz—and she’s succeeded at them all.

But before J-Lo conquered every facet of the entertainment industry, she started in the business as a dancer… and it shows. Most recently, the star released her newest single “Amor, Amor, Amor”—a romantic, pop ballad with a classic, sizzling J-Lo dance-break mid-vid.

J-Lo’s dance talents have been a focus in her music videos since her debut album On the 6, and through the years, she has continued to wow fans with her moves. So, in honour of the release of “Amor, Amor, Amor,” we’re looking back at some of the most iconic dance choreography from J-Lo’s music videos.


“If You Had My Love” (1999)

Being J-Lo’s debut single, the music video for “If You Had My Love” was just the start of her many iconic dance breaks. This upbeat-tempo pop track topped the charts back in 1999 and received four MTV Video Music Award nominations for Best Female Video, Artist to Watch, Best Pop Video and Best Electronic Dance Music Video. Her seamless choreography and strong technique solidified J-Lo early on as a dance superstar.


“Love Don’t Cost A Thing” (2001)

Even over 15 years later, J-Lo’s “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” music video remains a standout. The video won the American Latino Media Arts Award for Outstanding Music Video in 2002 and even features J-Lo’s second husband, Chris Judd, as one of her backup dancers. With an embellished crop top and cornrows, J-Lo’s hard-hitting choreography on a tropical beach is the kind of thing you rewind over and over again.


“Jenny From The Block” (2002)

The ultimate throwback classic, J-Lo’s “Jenny From The Block” is mostly about the media invading the personal life of her then-fiancé Ben Affleck. But the artist still makes time in the video to show off her killer dance moves—which of course, we were all trying to mimic in our living rooms back in 2002.


“Get Right” (2005)

Even though it’s hard to keep up will all the characters J-Lo plays in the “Get Right” music video, one thing is certain—she slays. The dancing is a mix of fun and bold moves that, along with the story line, made viewers’ jaws drop. This video landed her four MTV Video Music Award nominations in 2005 for Best Choreography, Best Direction, Best Editing and Best Electronic Dance Music Video.


“Ain’t Your Mama” (2016)

J-Lo’s sassy “Ain’t Your Mama” was accompanied by a major dance video that is girl power at its finest. The video features a fierce group of empowered, denim-clad females led by J-Lo through a set of intense choreography that mixes urban moves and Latin roots.