Lorde And Ellie Goulding Hung Out With Katy Perry: What Does This Mean?


Mon, June, 1 by


Let’s preface this post with this: DO NOT FREAK OUT.

Last night, Ellie Goulding and Lorde both posted an Instagram photo of them hanging out with none other than Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood enemy, Katy Perry. In the photo, the three (along with a number of other friends) looked to be having a fun time, while Lorde recreated the “lady in the red dress” emoji. (The Instagram has since been deleted, but you can see it below.)


This is where you’re probably going to freak out and think: “HOW DARE THEY HANG OUT WITH TAYLOR’S MORTAL ENEMY?!” But please stop. Don’t do that.

Here, let us try to rationalize this for a sec. Maybe this has happened to you before: You love your besties and you know they’re always loyal to you, but sometimes they hang out with other people too and, well, you may not be a fan of those other people they hang out with. In fact, you may hate them. But you’re not a friend dictator and your pals are allowed to hang out with whomever they want. You must respect that. Perhaps you request that they don’t talk about said other people around you, whatever makes you feel comfortable with the situation but, again, friendships are complicated sometimes and that’s for friends to discuss amongst themselves.

Does that make sense?

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that friendships are one of the most complicated (but wonderful) types of relationships you will ever have and we shouldn’t just jump the gun and assume that a full-fledged feud is brewing here.

“But why did Taylor leave Lorde out of the Bad Blood video then?” you will ask. Well, Taylor left out plenty of her friends in that video. Taylor has A LOT of friends. That doesn’t mean that anyone who was excluded from the video is automatically on Tay’s unfriend list. It could’ve been scheduling conflicts for all we know.

Drawing clear-cut lines within the music and celeb world is so high school of us to do and while aspects of high school continue to pop up everywhere in our lives, post-education, friendships are a thing that we’d like to move past petty rumours and made-up cat fights.

We don’t know what this Instagram pic means so let’s not project fake stories onto them just yet, okay? We strongly believe that there were no bad intentions here and all is well in Taylor’s friendship city. Not everything women post online is a slight at another woman. Plus, we’re really missing the point by focusing on these supposed feuds: LORDE JUST RECREATED THE BEST EMOJI EVER.