Lorde Responds To Criticism Of Her Dancing In The Best Way

This past weekend, Lorde gave two incredible performances as musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

The New Zealand singer, whose second studio album Melodrama is set to be released on July 16, performed two very different singles from the upcoming disc.

Teaming up with her Melodrama writing and producing partner Jack Antonoff, Lorde gave a stirring rendition of her piano-driven ballad “Liability,” remaining seated throughout the performance as she shared a bench with Antonoff.

For Lorde’s second performance of the night, the 20-year-old performed her high-energy lead single “Green Light,” giving an equally high-energy performance.

Lorde’s trademark dance moves were in full effect, with the singer seemingly possessed by the lyrics of her own song. The performance was authentic and spontaneous and exactly why Lorde has amassed millions of fans worldwide.

Unfortunately, there were those who watched Saturday’s performance and didn’t see the beauty in watching an artist perform in a way that was true to themselves and organic. Criticism of Lorde’s dancing quickly began popping up on social media, with people making comments that we don’t see the need to share, because haters to the left.

Lorde commented on the criticism on her Facebook page, writing “One day I will do a normal dance choreographed by a nice person and I will look more like your other favourite performers but we have not reached that day.”

 We hope we never reach that day. Lorde’s deep vocal range and poetic lyrics go hand-in-hand with her interpretive style of dancing and together, and all these things together make up an artist that we love. In her new video for “Green Light,” Lorde’s dancing takes center stage, with the pop singer continuing to cement herself as one of the most exciting artists in recent years.

We loved seeing Lorde’s highly anticipated return to the stage.

As Lorde demonstrates, the point of a stage is to perform on it.

The point of a body is to move it.

And the point of hair is to whip it.

Lorde leaves everything on the stage and we love that about her.

We have no shortage of pop stars who are trained dancers and we love watching them perform. Give us some fierce Beyoncé, Britney and Justin (Bieber or Timberlake) any day. We love it! But we also love seeing different artists, different performers, and different dance styles.

The great thing about art is that it’s not a one-size fits all. You keep doing you, Lorde, and if you get down, just call your friend Taylor. She’s received her share of dancing critiques and responded appropriately.