Lorde Teases New Music For Her 20th Birthday


It’s been three years since the world was introduced to amazing New Zealand teen pop star Lorde, who took the music world by storm. To celebrate her 20th birthday, Lorde has posted a message to her fans and confirming that new music is on its way.

The ‘newborn adult,’ as she describes herself, is happy to be back in the studio, writing on her Facebook page, “I’m eating raspberries sitting up in bed, thinking about watching The Crown, and I probably should have written something nicer ages ago but my head is so full of lyrics and drums these days that this is all I can manage. But it feels very important I write to you, for some reason.”

Revealing that her step away from the limelight was been intentional, Lorde continues, writing, “Sometime in the last year or so, part of me crossed over. For one thing, I made a very deliberate choice to withdraw for a little while from a public life. I haven’t had my hair or makeup done in a year, the free handbags dried up LONG ago, and the paparazzi at the airport are almost always for someone else. And let me tell you, as much as I love being full noise album cycle girl, it’s been a motherfucking joy. (every once in a while I am recognised on the street – one of you breathlessly clutches my hand, shaking and speaking quickly, and I feel this SHOCK of love.)”

Lorde has yet to release a new album since her breathtaking 2013 debut Pure Heroine. We’re not saying the New Zealand native has been sitting around taking cat pictures with Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff, although she has done that too.

She’s worked with Kanye West and Disclosure and was the curator for 2014’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, also releasing the original song “Yellow Flicker Beat” for the album. This year, Lorde performed a stunning David Bowie tribute at the Brit Awards and surprised fans when she joined Disclosure on stage at Coachella. But still, no new album.

Back as far as December 2015, we got our first inkling of a future Lorde album with this tweet. Since then, it’s been mum’s the word.

Thankfully for us, Lorde has confirmed in her Facebook post that she’s been in the studio working, using the last few years and her move to New York City as the inspiration for new material. “My heart broke. I moved out of home and into the city and I made new friends and started to realize that no-one is just good or bad, that everyone is both. I started to discover in a profound, scary, blood-aching way who I was when I was alone, what I did when I did things only for myself. I was reckless and graceless and terrifying and tender. I threw sprawling parties and sat in restaurants until the early hours, learning what it’s like to be an adult, even talking like one sometimes, until I caught myself. All I wanted to do was dance. I whispered into ears and let my eyes blaze on high and for the first time I felt this intimate, empire-sized inner power. And then I wrote a record about it, all of it, so much more than what I’ve written down here, and I’m in new york getting it done. And tomorrow, I’m not a kid any more, and more and more I’m realizing that the weirdness of those Mylar balloons is going to be okay.”

Lorde goes on to say that she’s excited to share the album name, song titles, new merch, tour schedule and more with fans, meaning her highly anticipated sophomore album can’t be far behind. Check out Lorde’s full Facebook birthday post below.