Lorde Explains Her Music And Synesthesia To ‘Muggles’

Lorde appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers  this week and not only revealed that, like the rest of us, she too often feels uncool, but she also incorporated the word ‘muggles’ into a story. Just when we think it’s not possible to love Lorde any more than we do.

The pair revealed that this was the second time they were meeting, with the first time being at a memorable event. “We met at a cool place,” said Lorde. “But we were not cool.”

In what setting is possible for pop star Lorde to not be considered ‘cool?’ Turns out, it was backstage at one of Kanye West’s fashion shows, where Drake was also in attendance. In all fairness, we don’t think anyone can feel cool standing next to Yeezy and Drizzy.

Lorde also discussed her friendship with producer Jack Antonoff, who she understandably refers to as her “work husband” after the pair spent two years in his studio creating Melodrama. “He’s an amazing person,” said Lorde. “He’s so truly strange and he’s like my sibling now.”

While recording the album in New York with Antonoff, Lorde spent a lot of time riding the New York City subway, which she thanked in her album liner notes. Lorde’s love for the metro system is strong considering the singer was once stuck on the train for four hours.

While discussing her new album, Lorde also explained her Synesthesia to the rest of us ‘muggles’ who don’t see sounds in colour. Whether we’re talking about Hogwarts or hanging out with Lorde, being a muggle is never the cooler option.

The singer ended her visit to Late Night with Seth Myers by performing her latest Melodrama single “Perfect Places.” Similar to Lorde’s incredible performance at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, the singer was backed by a choir wearing matching Melodrama Adidas track suits and shell toes. Unlike her high-energy MMVA rendition of “Perfect Places,” Lorde’s recent performance was a stripped-down version of the track that focused on the singer’s haunting vocals. Spending half of the song singing a cappella, “Perfect Places” featured only a limited musical arrangement by a piano and keyboard player, allowing for Lorde’s lyrics to fully resonate.

Check out the beautiful performance below and click here to watch Lorde performing “Perfect Places” at the MMVAs.