Louis Tomlinson Claps Back At Justin Bieber Diss

Louis and Justin Main

What happens when the biggest boy band in the world and the biggest male pop star in the world release an album on the same day? If we’re lucky, some good, old fashion name calling at recess.

It was looking like Justin Bieber and One Direction were going to quietly release their albums on November 13 without any mention of the other party, but thankfully for us, the boys are here to entertain.

So, what does the East Coast/West Coast album war look like in the world of pop? Kinda lame SnapChat videos. We’ll take it.

Bieber started the riff, because you can only rehab your image so much before admitting some of it is kinda true, and posted a video making a funny face after saying “The face you make when you drop an album the same day as Justin Bieber.”

The consensus (re: the internet) is that Bieber is targeting One Direction and their upcoming fifth studio album Made In The A.M.. One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, the feistiest of the remaining foursome, has so far been the only member to respond. Tomlinson also posted a SnapChat video, seemingly mocking Bieber by making a similar face and pointing out the band has played six shows at the legendary O2 theatre this week. THE SHADE!!! Oh no he didn’t! Louis totally went there, pointing out facts about show dates and ticket sales! Things are getting ugly in this mothernevermind. Things are very tame. Everything is very tame.

We’ll be over here, waiting for an equally PG response, ready to buy both albums.

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