Louis Tomlinson Discusses Fatherhood And His Mother In First Interview Since Her Passing


It’s not news that life after One Direction has been rocky for Louis Tomlinson, when compared to his other band mates.

While Zayn Malik was launching his debut album Mind of Mine and Harry Styles was filming Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Tomlinson became a father to his first son Freddie Reign just under a year ago and, last month, lost his mother to leukemia.

This past December, Louis Tomlinson also launched his solo music career with “Just Hold On,” a collaboration with DJ/producer Steve Aoki. Tomlinson performed the track on The X Factor just days after his mother’s passing, and the song has since hit No. 1 on iTunes and peaked at No. 2 on the U.K. singles chart.

Tomlinson later labeled the performance on Twitter as “harder than I ever imagined,” but he had to honour his mother’s wish for him to perform during the reality show.


In his first interview since his mother’s passing, the singer sat down with SiriusXM radio yesterday to discuss life without her, being a father, his music and his relationship with former bandmate Zayn Malik. Here’s what we learned from Tomlinson’s first interview.

He was extremely close with his mother and wanted to quit after her passing

“It’s not something that I feel 100 per cent comfortable talking too much about but, just quickly, when I first found out the news—I kind of did want to throw the towel in,” Tomlinson said, but he knew his mom wouldn’t have wanted that. “It was my mum who said to me that I’ve just got to keep going. She told me very sternly that she wanted me to.”

His performance on The X Factor was difficult, but worth it

During the interview, Tomlinson said it was a “tough” show to do, but added, “I felt like it was nice for me to almost have a little send-off for her.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 10: (SUN NEWSPAPER OUT. MANDATORY CREDIT PHOTO BY DAVE J. HOGAN GETTY IMAGES REQUIRED) Louis Tomlinson and his mother Johannah Poulston attend the Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball at the Natural History Museum on August 10, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

His son has made him more mature—or so he thinks

On the topic of his son, Tomlinson said that being a father probably hasn’t changed his songwriting very much, but added it has affected him more broadly. “It’s affected how I am as a person a little bit. I’d like to say it’s made me a bit more mature — I don’t know if that’s actually true, but yeah.” Tomlinson also revealed he has sung a few lullabies to his son.

He wants more kids, but not right now

As for whether there will be more kids in Tomlinson’s future, the answer was “definitely,” but for right now, he said Freddie is enough and he wants to focus on his music. “At the moment I’ve got Freddie and I’m trying to stay career-driven.”


“Just Hold On” is about making it through the tough times

“It’s about whatever you’ve got going through your life. In no matter what capacity, if it’s a bit of a struggle, you just got to fight and stay positive and don’t sit on your ass and feel sorry for yourself, just say, ‘I will make something up and I will make it better,’” said Tomlinson.

He and Zayn Malik have mended their relationship

Tomlinson said it’s “strange, but nice” when he hears Zayn on the radio and it seems like the two have mended their relationship. “I think a lot of us have spoken recently, me and Zayn have spoken recently, we’ve gotten to a point now where you can just really be happy for each other. Things have happened in the past, of course. And his first song was an absolute smash, and that’s a great song, so yeah, it’s nice.”