Louis Tomlinson Drops New Single ‘Just Like You’

While his former One Direction bandmates are duking it out on the charts, Tomlinson has just dropped his first all-solo track titled “Just Like You.” His two previously released singles included “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki and “Back to You” with Bebe Rexha.

The 25-year-old singer shared his excitement via Twitter on Wednesday, letting fans know what to expect from the single before unveiling the track at midnight.

While there’s no word of an official music video yet, Tomlinson did promise a lyric video was on its way.

During a BBC interview back in July, he shared his inspiration for coming up with the track for his upcoming album.

“There’s one song I’m really attached to called ‘Just Like You,’ which is all about this view of celebrities that we’re impenetrable and almost not human, but fundamentally we all have the same problems,” he said. “Heartbreak feels the same, loss feels the same, all these feelings are the same for all of us. Mine just took a load different to, maybe, Tom who works in the chippy from nine to five.”

This new track is expected to appear on his upcoming solo album, which doesn’t have a title or release date just yet. You can listen to “Just Like You” below.