Louis Tomlinson Drops Surprising New Single ‘Miss You’

Louis Tomlinson, Miss You

Easily the best part about the One Direction break up is getting five times as much new music from the former members. With Louis Tomlinson, the British singer was one of the last of the original five to debut his solo material and has taken the his music in a number of directions. Puns FTW.

First, we heard the EDM side of Tomlinson thanks to his Steve Aoki-produced “Just Hold On.” Then Tomlinson again switched things up to channel his pop and R&B side with Bebe Rehxa on “Back To You.” Now with his latest single “Miss You,” it appears that Louis is once again trying to find his sound and craft a well-rounded solo career post One Direction.

Unlike his previous releases, “Miss You” has a pop punk vibe that could easily be mistaken for the latest Five Seconds of Summer single. Louis’ subject matter of parting to excess is still intact, with the singer noting that he appears to be trying to fill a void left by missing his ex.

Singing over the guitar-heavy bridge, Louis reminisces, “Oh how, shit changes / We were in love, now we’re strangers / When I feel it coming up I just throw it all away / Get another two shots ’cause it doesn’t matter anyway.”

If there’s one thing to learn from “Miss You” it’s that Tomlinson is not afraid to experiment with sounds and genres, with his newfound solo status giving him the freedom to find his voice outside of the boy band machine.