Louis Tomlinson Reveals Which Member Of One Direction Heard His Solo Music First

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It’s been almost one year since One Direction began their hiatus, and the world’s biggest boy band hasn’t slowed down since their days as a foursome. Louis Tomlinson is the latest member of 1D to release new music, connecting with famed DJ and producer Steve Aoki on Twitter. The two hit the studio together and created the high energy, inspirational track “Just Hold On,” released December 2016.

The two musicians spoke with Ryan Seacrest this week about their new song together, and the topic of conversation quickly turned to the current status of Tomlinson’s former band.

“Everyone’s just trying their own thing,” says Louis. “I think we worked so relentlessly for five years that we all definitely needed a bit of space and a bit of time for ourselves to pursue things that maybe we couldn’t have done inside the band.”

Those ‘things’ have included new film careers and solo singles. Harry Styles will appear in this year’s highly anticipated Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk. Liam Payne is a soon to be first-time dad with girlfriend Cheryl Cole and is working on his own solo music. Niall Horan dropped his first solo track “This Town” last fall and is in the studio working on a full length album that will arrive sometime in the summer of 2017.

Tomlinson quickly shot down any rumours of bad blood between the band members, using the example of his 2016 performance on X Factor with Aoki only days after Tomlinson’s mother passed away from leukemia.

“We’re all super supportive and all the boys came to the X Factor performance, which was really really nice…it’s really nice that the boys can be there to support me and to celebrate.”

Tomlinson also revealed that it was Niall who first heard his collaboration with Aoki, referring to his friend and former band mate as a “typical, lovable Irishman.”

In addition to appearing on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Tomlinson and Aoki also made their debut on The Tonight Show this week to play their debut collaboration “Just Hold On,” marking Tomlinson’s first appearance on the late night show without his former bandmates.

The pair also shared some of their ‘Tales from the Tour.’ For Aoki, this included talking about the time a fan ‘Spider-Manned’ his way across a warehouse ceiling to high five the DJ. As for Tomlinson, his days with 1D included a few stolen golf carts.