Love, Drama and Heartbreak – Degrassi Ships That Did It Right

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When it comes to relationships, Degrassi writers have acknowledged every type of romance and heartbreak that young adults have the potential to experience before their high school days are done. And since the days of Degrassi on MTV are soon coming to an end, we decided to take a look back at the greatest couples to board the Degrassi love boat. These are our top 15 (not in any order) most unforgettable Degrassi Ships.

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Eli and Clare (Eclare)

Still going strong—sorta—Eclare’s relationship has been a roller coaster to say the least! They’ve survived car crashes, long-distance relationships and ‘who’s the daddy’ mix-ups. They’ve maintained the status of most loved couple for almost three straight seasons. How could we not have them at the top of our list?


Paige and Spinner (Spaige)

This ship dates all the way back to the second season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It took a scandal headed by Paige to make the relationship official, and from then on Spaige was all about the drama. They were known as the on-again off-again couple, and you could always count on them to keep things interesting.


Sav and Anya (Sanya)

Sanya was another couple caught up in the mess of an on-and-off relationship, and it was mostly due to Sav’s fear of telling his parents the truth about their love. The pair eventually parted ways, but always remained friends. Little known fact—Sanya holds the title of longest lasting teenage couple in Degrassi history. Go Sanya!


Holly and Fiona (Folly J)

Like most high school relationships, this is a complicated one. Holly J and Fiona started out as rivals, but eventually became friends. Through their continuously growing friendship, they became like sisters. Soon after Fiona’s realization that her attraction was to females rather than males, her love for Holly J turned into desire. After a shocking and unexpected kiss, things went from family to foe. It took Holly J time to get used to the idea that her best friend was attracted to her, but she eventually got over it, and Fiona moved on to fall in love with Imogen.


Johnny and Alli (Jalli)

Alli crushed on Johnny for a long time before finally winning him over, and even then, he still wasn’t all in. Johnny was older and felt the need to keep their relationship a secret. Alli acted reckless in hopes Johnny would come around. She sent him naked photos, and slept with him thinking it was his first time. Alli later found out Johnny had lied to her about being a virgin. They managed to maintain a brief friendship, which ended after Johnny ratted her out to Sav for trying to run away to Vancouver.


Declan and Holly (Dolly J)

Before Folly J, there was Dolly J. Holly J’s relationship with Declan was the reason for Fiona’s initial hatred towards her. Their love was constantly challenged by Fiona’s jealousy-driven plots to tear the two apart. Despite her interference, Dolly J still found love. They spent a summer together in New York, but when Holly J returned to Toronto, they soon realized a long-distance relationship was more difficult than expected. They decided to call it quits but remained friendly.


Drew and Bianca (Drianca)

Drianca might be the hottest couple to walk the halls of Degrassi, but also the most troubled. Bad news had a way of following Bianca around, and Drew was always there to get caught in the crossfire. The two were engaged before finishing high school, but when Bianca went off to University, her love for Drew faded. During a visit home over Thanksgiving, Bianca called off the engagement and said goodbye for good.


Fiona and Imogen (Fimogen)

Imogen’s crush on Fiona was a first when it came to girls. Both kept their feelings for each other a secret up until the Winter Frostival when Fiona finally confessed. In return, Imogen told her she felt the same way. After winter break, Imogen seemed distant from the relationship. She later revealed that she needed time before she was ready to share her feelings for a female with the rest of the world. They took things slow and Imogen eventually found comfort in sharing her love for Fiona with the rest of their peers. When it came time for Fiona to graduate and leave Degrassi, the two parted ways with one final kiss.


K.C. and Jenna (Kenna)

Kenna’s romance started out in a love triangle with Clare, K.C.’s former girlfriend. In the end K.C. chose Jenna and the pair went on to have a long and healthy relationship, that was, until Jenna became pregnant with K.C.’s baby. At first K.C. didn’t want to have anything to do with the baby, but eventually came around. After learning the difficulties of being teen parents, Jenna and K.C. decided to give their child up for adoption. The experience put a strain on the relationship and led to K.C. cheating on Jenna, ultimately ending the relationship for good.


Zane and Riley (Ziley)

Riley hid his feelings for Zane for a long time due to the fact that he wasn’t ready to come out of the closet. Zane was patient with Riley, but eventually grew tired of waiting. When Riley was finally ready to come out, he and Zane patched things up, and together they faced the criticism, but Riley’s inability to come out to his parents brought the relationship to an end. After a bumpy road to coming out, they managed to reconcile at prom thanks to Anya. It was later confirmed they were back together and attending Eastern.


Spike and Snake (Spake)

Known as Spike and Snake, or Christine and Archie, or Emma’s mom and Mr. Simpson, this couple started off as a one-sided crush on Degrassi. Snake finally got the girl in Degrassi: The Next Generation and married Spike.


Joey and Caitlin (Jaitlin)

Joey and Caitlin are star-crossed lovers. They were constantly on-again, off-again, with Joey notoriously cheating on her (all summer!!) in the made-for-TV Degrassi film, School’s Out! Nobody will ever forget Caitlin’s immortal phrase to Joey…


Spinner and Emma (Spemma)

Spinner and Emma were best friends turned husband and wife. Yep, there was no dating in between. The two decided to get married one night at a casino as a result of heavy drinking. After realizing that there was in fact a lot of love between them, they chose to stay married.


Craig and Ashley (Crash)

They started out as bandmates, but soon became lovers. The pair hadn’t been dating long when Ashley found out about Craig’s affair with Manny Santos. They got back together for a brief period, but ended things again when Ashley decided to stay in England.


JT and Liberty (Jiberty)

JT and Liberty were definitely the most tragic ships in Degrassi history. After deciding to keep their baby and raise it together, JT tried to commit suicide. JT received help and the two still had feelings for one another, but didn’t get a chance to explore them. In one of Degrassi’s most heartbreaking episodes (which is a lot for this show), JT is shot and killed at a party.



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