Lowell And Icona Pop Just Dropped Your New Bad Bitch Anthem


If you like –no, adore— the road, this new Lowell and Icona Pop track is for you. Canadian singer Lowell teamed up with Swedish duo Icona Pop for this “GIRLS RULE” anthem. In the same vein as Icona Pop’s I Don’t Care, the new track titled Ride, is all about doing what you want and not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks.

Inspired by the lives of Adeline and Agusta Van Buren, sisters who were the first women to ride across the United States on motorcycles, the song shouts, “I can see you got fire in your heart/Love is in the air”.

In an interview with The FADER, Lowell said the song “is for everyone out there who has been called ‘abrasive’ for being bold, a ‘rebel’ for rioting, a ‘shit-disturber’ for disrupting the status quo, and, most of all, for all the bad-asses who get called ‘bitchy’ for being boss.”

Stream the song here.