PLL’s Lucy Hale Wants People To Be ‘Really Upset’ About The Show’s Ending


Pretty Little Liars just kicked off its sixth season on Wednesday night. But even though this season is just starting, cast member Lucy Hale already has ideas for how she’d like to see the show end.

“I used to say, oh I want the girls to end up happy and live an A-free life, but I kind of want it to end really tragically,” Hale says in an interview with E!, “I want people to be really upset, like they’ve lost something when the show ends, because I know that my favorite shows have ended that way, so a tragic ending. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Tragic ending? Who knows what we’ll get when it is time for the show to end.

In the interview, which also features PLL actress Sasha Pieterse, the lovely leading ladies also mention that the show might reach its end come season seven.

“Right now it feels like [season seven] could possibly be our last season,” says Pieterse. Lucy Hale also adds that anything could happen down the road, and the show may not end. But she does reassure fans that when the show ends they’ll go out “with a bang.”

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