Watch Luke Gordon Field From ‘The Beaverton’ Talk Larry David, Laugh Tracks And Dad Jokes

How cool would it be to talk politics with an experienced politician? Or discuss style with an established fashion designer? On this week’s episode of *SIDES, Laila, Teddy, Frank, and Michael got the chance to chat about comedy with an actual comedian—namely, The Beaverton executive producer and editor-in-chief Luke Gordon Field.

After breaking down Larry David’s controversial Saturday Night Live monologue, (is joking about the Holocaust fair game? Or should some topics be off-limits?), Laila welcomed Field to the *SIDES couch and asked him to share his thoughts. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t think David’s joke was all that funny to begin with.

Field shared a strange-but-true William Lyon Mackenzie King anecdote, talked about a Beaverton article that unexpectedly went viral (it even reached China), and his deeply shameful law school past before diving into a game of Onside/Offside with Teddy. He and Teddy don’t see eye to eye on dad jokes and the need to explain punchlines (is describing a joke right after you tell it really all that necessary?). Regardless, they both agree that saying “too soon” after a joke is kind of tacky but that people who say “LOL” in real life should get a pass.

To watch Field talk more about running The Beaverton in a “post-truth society” and find out what Laila, Teddy, Frank, and Michael think about mass shootings, “dumbphones,” and the #OneChipChallenge, be sure to tune in to the newest episode of *SIDES this Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on Much. You can also check out The Beaverton every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on The Comedy Network.