LunchMoney Lewis Reveals The Supremely Catchy Song That His Dad Wrote


Tue, May, 26 by


LunchMoney Lewis released one of our favourite songs of 2015. “Bills” is constantly on repeat in our head. “So I’m gonna work, work, work everyday!” Lucky for us, the Florida rapper just released his EP, Bills and has a full length album on the way.

Not surprisingly, he comes by his catchy song writing skills honestly. His dad wrote and produced “Bad Boys” also known as the COPS theme song. When he came through Much recently we had to ask him about it.

“He’s the first person I saw do music, play music so I was like, ‘Ah! I gotta do this!’ He was definitely an inspiration and I took all of that and I just went along with it myself and sought out how to do stuff,” he said.

Not only is the “Bills” song a fave at Much HQ, we also always get a good laugh when we watch the music video. Plus, we think LunchMoney has started a new fashion trend, bathrobes in public.

“Well with the robe, it was my robe, both of the robes are my robes. So I just brought them to the set. I like to be comfortable. Who doesn’t like to be comfortable?” he said. “They had the slippers and an array of shoes and I was like, ‘I want the slippers.’ So we went with the robe and slippers.”

Check out more from the interview below including more details on an upcoming album and how quickly “Bills” came to be.

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Also, let’s just all take a minute to remember “Bad Boys.”