M.I.A. Gets Real On Her Latest Release ‘Borders’


After teasing the release of a new track, British-Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. has dropped Borders in full. The uncensored banger goes hard, addressing political issues of violence and privilege with her lyrics.

She asks,

Borders,What’s up with that?
Politics, What’s up with that?
Police shots, What’s up with that?
Identities, What’s up with that?
Your privilege, What’s up with that?

Earlier this week, she took to Twitter to explain her apathy toward writing new lyrics.

Borders will appear on her upcoming album Matahdatah, which will be a compilation of tracks and short films.

She released Broader Than A Border, a short film shot in West India and Africa earlier this year.

Explaining the short film which features young girls doing traditional dance, she told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s like a journal. And the journal happens to be a really wide journey. It’s about borders and it’s kind of testing the human idea of that — whether it’s physical borders, geographical or philosophical ones.”

Listen to Borders below.