M.I.A. Finally Settles On An Album Name After Months Of Controversy


After months of potential album leaks, M.I.A. has finally released the official title and date of her forthcoming album—A.I.M. is set to drop on September 9. She announced the release in a post on her website under a written piece by writer Sinthujan Varatharajah. The featured written work discusses the treatment of asylum seekers around the world.

From promoting recycled clothes during World Recycle Week to dropping Lion King-sampled music on SoundCloud, M.I.A. has been pretty busy this year. We were relieved that her recent announcement confirms that the album is finally coming, especially considering all the controversy surrounding its release.

Earlier this year, M.I.A. mentioned her fifth album could possibly be her last. With a series of tweets back in May, she explained that she handed her most recent LP to Interscope, but it was up to them when and if the album would drop.

A month later, she previewed “Finally” and “Poc That Still A Ryda” off the album on YouTube, which have both since been removed due to copyright claims. The latter received the most amount of praise as it covered racial issues such as Black Lives Matter and #OscarsSoWhite.

In the description of the video, M.I.A. described it as, “a mix of all the songs on my upcoming Lp – had to do a remix to let u know , i been poor , i been rich , i been brown , i been black , i seen white and i been around the world a few times ay ay ay ay . LOVE IS THE ANSWER what the question is i don’t f*cking know. we in this together.” She added under the original message that “Poc” will not be on the upcoming LP and was a remix of an older song, “OLA.”

She threatened to leak the album last week, which at the time, was titled Matahdatah, after claiming popular American artists were stealing her work ahead of its release. She took to Twitter to express her issues of being a “survivor” and “AnonyMASS.”

Yesterday, M.I.A. shared the lyrics of her upcoming single featuring Skrillex and Blaqstarr titled, “Go Off.”

The full lyrics have already been posted to Genius ahead of the official audio reveal tomorrow.

Whether it goes through the label or M.I.A. lives up to her idea of leaking it, we just excited to hear more music from her considering “Borders” was a fire track we weren’t ready for.