M.I.A. Delivers A Banger With ‘Poc That Still A Ryda’


Rapper M.I.A. answered fan questions during a Periscope session earlier today and even dropped a new track.

“Poc That Still A Ryda” is a politically-charged track from the English artist, covering socially conscious pop culture movements, including Black Lives Matter, the under-representation of people of colour at the Academy Awards, and even name-checking Dora The Explorer. The video features a group of men racing horses in the desert as cars and trucks drive alongside the pack.

During the Periscope session, M.I.A. revealed that she is working with human rights and immigration lawyers to sort out her US Visa, a topic she also covers in the new song, singing “When you get high with no Visa everybody know it’s M.IA.”

Posting the song on YouTube, M.I.A. writes “This song is a mix of all the songs on my upcoming Lp – had to do a remix to let u know , i been poor , i been rich , i been brown , i been black , i seen white and i been around the world a few times ay ay ay ay . LOVE IS THE ANSWER what the question is i don’t fucking know. we in this together.”

M.I.A. tweeted earlier this year that she would be dropping an album in July, with “Poc Still A Ryda” possibly acting as the first single.