Mac DeMarco Covers Prince’s ‘It’s Gonna Be Lonely’


Mac DeMarco‘s cover of Prince’s “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” is exactly what you’d expect from the 26-year-old musician from B.C. It’s equal parts amazing and weird. It features DeMarco hitting some ridiculous levels of soulfulness, his bandmate Jon Lent helping him out with the instrumentals, and also a strange man in a mask.

DeMarco teased this cover when he posted a video to his Instagram on April 25.

A video posted by @macdemarco on

“We lost a true hero of mine the other day. Although it’s sad, I’m sure he’s ripping a hot solo right now in the next dimension. RIP,” said DeMarco in the caption.

The full cover of “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” comes only days after DeMarco made a very legitimate request to U.S. senator and Democratic party candidate Bernie Sanders on Twitter.

If you couldn’t tell, the Canadian singer is a pretty big fan of The Purple One. DeMarco is one of many artists who has paid tribute to Prince since his death. He joins Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, D’Angelo, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen, and various other artists.

Like many of those artists, DeMarco stays true to the original track with his version. It’s got the soft, almost whisper tone that made the original song so iconic. “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” is the final song on Prince’s 1979 self-titled sophomore album.


DeMarco also made some waves earlier this week when he was photographed in MGMT’s home studio with Andrew VanWyngarden. The image hit the Mac DeMarco subreddit and fans quickly began losing their minds at the possibility of an MGMT-DeMarco collaboration.


Just think… we could get this:

Meets this:

Yes please.