Majid Jordan’s 5 Best Moments From Their New Tour Doc

Majid Jordan Doc

Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman met in Toronto in 2011, and in only two years, the friends had one of the biggest songs of 2013 thanks to their collaboration with Drake on “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Since then, the duo, who go by Majid Jordan, have been signed to Drake’s OVO label and released their first full length album, which features the singles “Something About You,” “Every Step Every Way” and “My Love,” featuring Drake.

The duo hit the road this past spring ahead of their much-hyped homecoming show at The Mod Club in Toronto, with Red Bull Music documenting the tour. Featuring personal conversations and an intimate look at tour life, the new doc takes fans behind the scenes on the duo’s biggest year in their career.

Here are the five best moments from Majid Jordan’s new documentary, which you can watch in full here.

1. Toronto’s fame is thanks to Drake and trying new things.

Majid: “I think a large part of why people are speaking about Toronto is due to Drake. Toronto is all about being new, being exciting and not being afraid to be vulnerable and try different things because they may present you with opportunities that you didn’t have before.”


2. They know art takes patience.

Jordan: “I feel like the patience was something that we really loved with our music. We were never really rushed to make it because we were making it for ourselves. We met OVO and they gave us the time and the ability to really work on it. Being patient with art is so important because then you’re really achieving what you want to achieve.”


3. They’re a duo that’s growing together.

Jordan: “It’s crazy to work everyday with somebody like Maj who is so close to me. He’s really, honestly, my brother. It’s crazy to see your friend developing in front of you.”


4. They love the home crowd.

Majid: “In Toronto we feel more uplifted coming here…After feeling that connection on stage with everyone at the Toronto show I just had such a great appreciation for the city coming back here.”


5. They call their moms.

A lot. It’s really endearing.