Major Lazer Drop Official ‘Know No Better’ Video Featuring Camila Cabello, Travis Scott And Quavo

It seems like every hit song this summer features either Camila Cabello, Quavo or Travis Scott and with Major Lazer’s new single “Know No Better,” the EDM trio have hit the jackpot trifecta.

Taking care of the chorus, Cabello’s sweet vocals can be heard throughout the high energy track, with sexually charged, hard-hitting verses courtesy of Travis Scott and Quavo.

The lyric video for “Know No Better” was released on June 1 and took viewers around the world. Handing out pieces of paper displaying the song’s title, “Know No Better” travelled to New York, India, China, Australia and beyond in its globe-trotting video.

Now the group has released the official music video for “Know No Better” and are again taking viewers on a voyeuristic journey, this time seen through the eyes of a teen boy.

The video features a young boy with dreams of being a famous and rich dancer. Director Philip Andelman switches back and forth between the boys’ less-than-glamorous home life, including a moody sister and a school bully, to his daydream life, which includes a mansion, a driver and a beautiful girlfriend. Eventually, the two worlds collide and the young boy gains the courage to dance for his school crush in a diner, with Major Lazer members looking on approvingly. The video also features a shot of the young boy in the studio with Cabello and Scott, with Quavo absent from the inspiring video.

Andelman said the inspiration for the video came from his own childhood. “I used to space out all through high school about being the sickest guitarist in the world to impress girls, but all I could play in real life was a quarter-speed version of Slash’s solo from ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine. I thought it could be fun to do a video that married a kid’s daydream of being a Major Lazer backup dancer (i.e. the ultimate goal for any dancer out there) with the reality of quotidian ass-kickings and unbearable siblings.”

“Know No Better” is the latest single from Major Lazer’s surprise six-single EP Music Is The Weapon, which the trio released the same day as “Know No Better.” Music Is The Weapon also features the singles “Cold Water” featuring Justin Bieber and MØ as well as “Run Up” with Nicki Minaj and PartyNextDoor.