Meet Maneesh, The Man Behind Some Of The Best Instrumentals On ‘Views’


The 6ix definitely has its eyes on the unknown name credited with producing some ridiculously tasty instrumentals on Drake’s Views. His work can be heard on “Keep The Family Close”, the “Summers Over Interlude” and the title track “Views”. The man behind these beats simply goes by Maneesh.

If you’re one of the almost one-million people who already have or are expected to buy Views, you’ve definitely heard the main man Maneesh in action. And everyone obviously has their preference, but for what it’s worth, “Keep The Family Close” might have the best instrumental on the whole album. Here’s what you need to know about the producer behind these gems on Views, Maneesh.

He started his career as a competitive DJ under the name M-Rock

First of all, this guy is a veteran on YouTube. His first few videos from the Scion King of Beats tournament were posted nine years ago. Longevity aside, he’s super slick on the turntables and it’s shocking he wasn’t producing for big hip-hop artists sooner.

DJ M-Rock then moved onto producing mixes of some of the biggest hip-hop artists


This specific mix, titled “The Best Of Kanye West” (click through the GIF to listen to the mix!) continues to show off Maneesh’s ridiculous skill set as a producer. And it was those skills that led to him making guest spots on Mark Ronson’s Authentic Sh*t radio show in 2013.

His first major production credit came on Travis Scott’s “Maria I’m Drunk” featuring Justin Bieber and Young Thug


After ditching the DJ M-Rock moniker, Maneesh got his break when he co-produced this track for G.O.O.D. Music member Travis Scott (click through image above to listen to song). He worked alongside fellow Canadian producer and a name you also see on the Views track list, Frank Dukes. But he had actually already co-produced another song for a very familiar Toronto rapper before Travis Scott’s Rodeo was released.

He co-produced Drake’s first Meek Mill diss “Charged Up”

Yup, that’s right. Views wasn’t his first time working with the 6ix God. Despite the song as a whole being a little lackluster—at least compared to “Back to Back”—the beat was a good indicator of what Maneesh may have up his sleeve for future endeavors. And it obviously opened the door for the collaborations we now have.

Which brings us to today


With Views flying off iTunes’ digital shelves, we’re sure people won’t be asking who Maneesh is for much longer. It’s only a matter of time until he’s back in the studio, working on your future favourite song. The artist formerly known as DJ M-Rock is definitely here to stay. Drizzy better keep the family close.