Margo Price Is The Country Singer That Will Make You A Country Fan

Margo Price

Country music tends to ebb and flow with Top 40 radio, where one year the Dixie Chicks are making people revaluate this dislike for twang, it may be another few years until an artist like Taylor Swift comes along and does the same bridging of the gap.

While a country takeover is always simmering, this year with tracks like Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” and Gwen Stefani’s duet with country beau Blake Shelton on “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” in 2016 the top of the pops are largely run by, well, pop artists.

One artist that is in no way looking to produce a crossover album is Margo Price. The Illinois native moved to Nashville over a decade ago and along the way pawned her wedding ring, her car, worked every job from tap dance instructor to roofer, and came out the other end with one of the best albums of the year.

Midwest Farmers Daughter was released this past March and if you haven’t heard of Price or are weary of rolling around in the hay with a country record, let us soothe your worries.

Here’s why Margo Price is the country star that will make you a country fan.

She’ll Fill Your Amy Winehouse Void

Those of us who will forever be in mourning over losing the great Amy Winehouse too soon will love Price’s album. Much of Price’s subject matter matches the same tortured-yet-relateable content that made the world fall in love with the late British singer. With lyrics like “I killed the angel on my shoulder with a fifth of Evan Williams / When I found out you were never coming home / I killed the angel on my shoulder / When you left me for another,” Winehouse fans will feel right at home listening to the disc.

She’s The *Real* Deal

If you want to know what Margo sounds like live, just listen to parts of her debut album. After gaining inspiration from a discussion with a friend, Price wrote the track “Four Years of Chances.” During a recording session in Memphis, Price and her band recorded the track live during their third take.

She’s Got The Jack White Seal Of Approval

After selling literally everything but her house to pay for her debut album, Price was rejected from a few record companies. That was, until Jack White heard Price and quickly signed her to his Third Man Records label. It doesn’t get much cooler than Jack White.

She’s Not Pulling Any Punches

If you’re thinking country music is a bunch of sappy songs with no edge, Price’s debut music video for “Hurtin’ (On The Bottle)” will probably have just enough sex, drugs and rock and roll for you.

She’s Making Country Cool

How can you not want to throw on a cowboy hat and rock some boots with this kind of OOTD inspiration?