Marianas Trench Tease ‘One Love’ Video With Sinking House


One Love Teaser Main

Marianas Trench have always been a group that we’d love to hang out with, but maybe not be roommates with. In the new teaser videos for their single One Love, band members Josh Ramsay and Mike Ayley swim around their sinking living room.

It seems that Marianas Trench have prepared another killer pop tune about heartbreak for fans. In the two short teaser videos below, lead singer and songwriter Josh Ramsay sings “Now I wake up and forget that you were gone / A phantom limb is all that I am hanging on”.

The pop rock quartet released their fourth studio album Astoria in October and are now preparing to premiere video for the album’s lead single One Love on Much on November 5.

Like 2009’s Masterpiece Theatre and 2011’s Ever After, Astoria is a concept album.

Astoria marks the band’s first full-length album in four years and was inspired by the 1980s cult classic The Goonies. A month-long tour in support of the new album kicks off tonight in Portland, Oregon, not far from where The Goonies was shot in, you guessed it, Astoria.

Check out Marianas Trench’s teaser video and don’t miss Much’s exclusive video premiere of One Love on November 5.