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Mark Ronson Is Releasing An Album And This Is Why You Should Give A Sh*t

Our love Bruno Mars posted a message on his Instagram account yesterday, announcing that his good friend and record producer Mark Ronson would be releasing a surprise album in the coming months. Even better, Mars is going to be featured on the first single, Uptown Funk, due out November 10.

First off, what a baller move to have someone else announce your album. Bonus baller points for having that ‘someone’ be Bruno-effing-Mars. Secondly, you may be asking, who gives a sh*t that Mark Ronson is putting out a new album? You should give a sh*t. You should give lots of sh*ts.

1. His track record is incredible.

Do you know every word from Back to Black? Is that album a shining example of all the tortured feels you experienced during your last break up? And the one before that? And every heartache ever? Thank Amy Winehouse. Then thank her producer, Mark Ronson. While you’re at it, thank him for songs from Adele, Estelle, Robbie Williams, and Wale, to name a few. Ronson plays well with others.

2. Fingers crossed for covers.

You’ve likely heard Amy Winehouse’s version of Valerie. If you haven’t, get on that immediately. I cannot stress this enough. Okay, back to the blog. Did you know that Valerie isn’t a Winehouse original? Ronson and co. have an ability to take tracks and completely reinvent them. Here’s a shining example of one remix that makes me want to get up from the sidewalk and dance.

3. It’s prime-time for pop music.

Taylor Swift was the biggest country music artist in the world and left it behind to be the biggest pop music artist in the world. Pop rules the charts and a producer who ‘gets’ pop music is sure to make a big impact. Plus, it can’t just be music from Pharrell and peeps for the next 12 months.

4. He’s got a lot to say that’s worth hearing.

He’s done a TED Talk and said super smart things, like ‘sampling isn’t “hijacking nostalgia wholesale…but inserting yourself into the narrative of a song while also pushing that story forward.”‘ Too legit.

5. Winter is coming.

The more music that Ronson can bestow upon us to make us feel like dancing, the better.