Maroon 5 Unveils New Song ‘Whiskey’ Feat. A$AP Rocky

As Maroon 5 gets ready to release their upcoming album Red Pill Blues next month, the band have given a taste with their new single “Whiskey,” a collaboration with rapper A$AP Rocky.

The band took to Twitter to share their new track on Wednesday, which was released on Soundcloud.

Through the piano ballad, the band’s frontman Adam Levine delivers a soulful rendition of feelings of reflection on a past relationship. Towards the last verse, A$AP Rocky fills in by spitting some liquor-dripped wordplay as he recollects on his own romantic experiences.

This new track is Maroon 5’s fourth release ahead of the album’s drop date. Their most recent single “What Lovers Do,” featuring R&B singer SZA, will also be included on the album. “Cold” featuring Future and “Don’t Wanna Know” featuring Kendrick Lamar, will be included in the deluxe edition.

Red Pill Blues will be the the band’s sixth studio album, set to be released on November 3. You can stream their new booze-filled track on SoundCloud below.