Marshmello Competed On American Ninja Warrior And Somehow Was Amazing

We’ve been doing our workouts wrong. Apparently, the best way to get in shape is by wearing a giant plastic head while performing squats. At least that’s the case if you’re Marshmello. The DJ appeared on this week’s episode of American Ninja Warrior and not only made it through the first level of the difficult obstacle course, he did it while wearing his trademark giant marshmallow head. Consider us impressed.

The “Friends” artist made the course in Las Vegas look like child’s play, conquering the Jumping Spider, the Tire Run, the Razor Beams, the Twist and Fly, and more, eventually making his way up the rope ladder to hit the buzzer. We’ve definitely got our sweat on while listening to Marshmello’s music, but flying through the air and landing without being able to see, well, anything? The Marshmello workout plan is one we need to subscribe to ASAP.

Marshmello isn’t the first celebrity to test his strength and agility on the difficult American Ninja Warrior course. For the 2018 Red Nose day charity campaign, wrestler Nikki Bella, actors Stephen Amell and Gregg Sulkin, dancer Derek Hough, and singer Ne-Yo also attempted the course, although none of them wore giant plastic heads. Pfffft. Talk about taking the easy way out (we kid, please don’t ask us to do a push up).

Of course, there’s always the very real possibility that the person under the giant head isn’t actually Marshmello, aka Christopher Comstock. It could have been another regular on American Ninja Warrior. Or it could have been Shawn Mendes.

But no matter who it is, completing this challenge while wearing a giant plastic head is pretty impressive.

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