Martin Garrix Talks About The Breakout Success Of ‘Animals’


Thu, September, 3 by


Two years ago, Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix scored a mega-hit with his song Animals. That song alone has helped catapult Garrix’s career to a whole other level, headlining festivals around the world as well as getting his song on the radio.

“I expected it to be a big song in the clubs,” Garrix tells us in an exclusive interview at this year’s Digital Dreams festival. “I tested it out live myself and the crowd’s response was really crazy, I saw phones going up in the air with Shazam. But for me, what really blew my mind was that the radio started playing it and TVs, commercials, movies, that definitely was a big, big surprise for me.”

Even though some time has passed since the release of Animals, the track remains pretty popular, but Garrix isn’t too bothered by the ubiquity of the song. “For me, the song meant so much to my career,” he says. “Of course, when you hear a song so many times, you get a little tired of it, but for me, it’s still the same song.

“It’s still a song that put me here. If I didn’t make this song, I don’t know if I’d be headlining at this festival. It was the start of something really amazing.”