Megan Fox And Other Hipsters Of Hollywood


When the name Megan Fox is mentioned, the first thing that might come to your mind is Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nobody looks at Megan Fox and thinks, “Wow, she seems like she’d be really into archaeology.” That is going to change today.

Fox recently did an interview with New Zealand publication, Stuff, and talked about her dislike of social media and interest in UFOs.

In Fox’s mind, worrying about what people say about you is a waste of time because you will never get the validation you desire from public opinion. She credits having a strong sense of self at 18 helped her deal with the media’s critique of her life: “The way you are bombarded with random people’s opinions is very difficult. You have to be able to become unattached, not detached, but unattached to what that could possibly do to your sense of self. You have to just be centred and maintain a clear bird’s-eye-view of who you are and why you’re here.”

In the past, Fox mentioned her interest in ancient aliens. Just like Kanye, she doesn’t believe the government has all the answers. In her opinion, archaeological digs of ancient sites holds a lot of humanity’s answers: “I wanna go and really see the real stuff that they are not willing to show the rest of the world; ’cause they hide all the real stuff, they don’t show us, because humanity would panic.”

Fox has proven herself to be part of the wave of celebrities that just aren’t interested in all the aspects that come with fame. Publicity stunts, breaking the Internet, and posting nudes on Instagram are not at top of mind for these hipster celebrities, or “celeb-sters” as we call them. They’d rather focus their attention on nature, shunning social media, or contemplating the concept of time.

There are many other celeb-sters out there that prove you don’t have to follow the status quo to become successful.

James Franco


James Franco is an actor, director, and NYU graduate. The latter gives him all the celeb-ster cred he needs. Franco has had a t-shirt line featuring personal polaroids on the front, a band, and an art show. All these things combined make James Frano the ultimate celeb-ster, almost to the point it’s like he invented the celebrity sub-culture. Just one look at his Instagram bio tells you what he’s all about: “LOVE TO ‘THE TWEET GENERATION’ – if you’re racist, sexist, or homophobic, get the f*** out of here.” Hipsters are all about equality for everyone and pushing the liberal agenda. From the A-list to earning As, Franco is a celeb-ster who has made the educated decision to be one.

Amandla Stenberg


Amandla Stenberg is a non-binary feminist who you’ve seen in The Hunger Games and Colombiana. It wasn’t until this young celeb-ster called out Kylie Jenner in a YouTube video titled, “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows,” that the media began taking notice. She called out Jenner for appropriating black cultures with her choice of hairstyles and claiming them as new fashion trends. From writing and directing her own short films to being honoured at the “Black Girls Rock” ceremony, Stenberg is a young activist who unapologetically sticks up for what she believes in online and offline. Being hipster is all about having strong opinions on various topics and standing by them no matter the outcome.

Austin Butler


You may recognize Austin Butler from TV shows like Zoey 101 and The Carrie Diaries or for being Vanessa Hudgens’ arm candy, but Butler is way more than a handsome face. With just a glance at his black-and-white laden Instagram gives you an inside look into his celeb-ster life. Long wavy hair, constant downcast gaze, and blurry pictures of passing street cars express his oh-so-hip lifestyle.

Jaden and Willow Smith

This one comes as no surprise. The Smith kids are the epitome of young celeb-sters. From their “secret” Orgonite Society meetings to disregarding the concept of time, it always seems like these two are floating on waves way above anything we can reach. What makes these two so hip is not only their spiritual philosophies, but the fact that they don’t care if anyone agrees with them. Jaden will wear dresses or appear shirtless with a flower in his hair. Willow rocks a hip septum piercing and has enough nature pictures you would think she lived in a forest. Or at least, British Columbia.

Shailene Woodley


Despite being a millenial, Shailene Woodley appears to have the soul of your grandmother. She is known for not being tech-savvy and refused to have a cellphone until 2014 when The Divergent production company told her they needed to reach her some way. Not one for social media, it was a surprise when Woodley finally posted on Instagram, asking her followers for help because she didn’t understand what all the buttons meant. It seems she may have only re-emerged her social media accounts to support Bernie Sanders in the new election. Hipsters love Bernie. It’s a fact.

Childish Gambino

What makes Childish Gambino so cool is his love for being an outsider. His album Because The Internet included a screenplay, where the socially awkward main character goes through an adventure of fake friends, new love, and drugs. Though his album contains the word “Internet,” Gambino doesn’t seem to want to use the medium anymore. When you visit his website, you are greeted by a blank page. His social media accounts have all been sweeped clean of his presence. Gambino is in his own lane when it comes to celeb-sters and has become too hip to care about social media.
Kristen Stewart


For a celebrity born and bred in Los Angeles, it’s surprising that Kristen Stewart turned out to be such a celeb-ster. Her unfussy signature look comprises of a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Converse sneakers. If you want to take it over the edge, show up to functions in evening gowns and barefoot to really get the laissez-faire look she is known for. From leaving her sexuality undisclosed to being an unapologetic bad ass, Stewart is the cool girl that you could never sit with, mainly because sitting in the cafeteria was too mainstream for her.

Michael Cera

Michael Cera was a hipster before it was a popular term. Outdated hairstyle? Awkward mustache? Button up shirts for days? Yeah, Michael Cera has and always will be a celeb-ster. It’s in his DNA at this point. On top of making indie films with cult-followings, Cera is also a very talented musician and even helped fellow celeb-ster Willow Smith on her music. A celeb-ster is nothing without their celeb-ster friends.