Mel B Shares New Details About ‘Wannabe’ And Confirms A Spice Girls Tour

It’s been 20 years since their 1998 breakup and the Spice Girls still seem to be making headlines. Yesterday, Mel B (AKA “Scary Spice”) stopped by the TODAY show to co-host alongside Hoda Kotb, where she revealed some pretty interesting details about everyone’s favourite British girl group.

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Here’s a story from A to Z. You know Mel’s rap verse in “Wannabe” that goes undeniably hard, even to this day? Well, as it turns out, it was actually really, really, really, really written while on a toilet seat.

The America’s Got Talent judge dove into detail about what it was like living in a house with four other girls who were so different while writing a song like “Wannabe.”

“Imagine being with five girls,” she said. “We all have our own opinions… Every song that we write we have a focus-point topic, so this song was all about supporting each other and if you have a boyfriend, that’s got to be approved by their friends.”

To get away from the chaos, when Mel B felt inspiration strike for a killer verse, she took care of two birds by making the bathroom her writer’s room.

“Took me, like, eight minutes to write it,” she revealed, laughing. “I was like, ‘Hold it a minute… I want to go off to the toilet and write a quick rap.’ I made a little tinkle and was writing and I came up with that.”

Now, before we give you Mel B’s next piece of news, we suggest that you sit down—Mel  B has confirmed a Spice Girls tour is happening. This is not a drill!

“I still do [love performing]. I’m the only one that keeps on saying, ‘We’re gonna be performing,’ which we are gonna be performing,” Mel B told Kotb. “Finally they got it together.”

Rumours about a potential Spice Girls tour began in February after Victoria Beckham posted an Instagram picture of all five girls reunited. However, that was all put to rest when Vogue released a statement from the fashion designer.

“I’m not going on tour,” said Beckham. “The girls aren’t going on tour.”

Thankfully, Mel B addressed Beckham’s claims while on the TODAY show.

“She’s always bloody saying that,” Mel said. “Stop it! We are touring! Yes, we are going to be doing performances together, for sure.”

Are we dreaming? Is a Spice Girls tour finally happening? We’re not exactly sure yet…we’re going to need an official social media confirmation. But, until then, at least we know there’s a sliver of hope. After all, #FriendshipNeverEnds.

Watch Mel B on TODAY, below.