Melissa McCarthy Reveals What It Was Really Like To Work With Chris Hemsworth On ‘Ghostbusters’

Ghostbusters Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy has been ruling the box office for the past few years and with this Friday’s upcoming release of the Ghostbusters reboot (our review!), it looks like that McCarthy reign just won’t let up. That’s just how we like it.

The comedic actor stopped by The Tonight Show this week to gush about her incredible cast mates, including Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, as well as some other actors. Notably, that “big, tall, awkward blonde guy,” Chris Hemsworth.

In addition to having a Harlequin romance face and abs for days, McCarthy confirms that Hemsworth has more to offer than just his good looks and charming accent. “He’s crazy funny and an insane improviser.”

McCarthy explained that she was told by other people who had worked with the Aussie actor that he was a nice guy, but what she doesn’t understand was why no one mentioned Hemsworth’s impeccable comedic timing. “I can’t figure out why no one was like, oh, by the way, he’s bizarrely funny.”

The Bridesmaids star also discussed another Ghostbusters actor, The Tonight Show‘s own Steve Higgins. Fallon’s late night sidekick plays a boss at the University where McCarthy’s character works and got to be the mean guy to some of the biggest comedians in the world. “Everything (in Ghostbusters) can be seen by children, except for Steve Higgins,” says McCarthy.

Ghostbusters hits theatres this Friday. Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday to Friday at 11:30E on CTV Two and catch repeats weekdays at 4E/1P on Much.