Metric, Lana Del Rey and More Videos To Need To See Today

High By The Beach Main

From Canada’s finest to one R&B singer’s second (or 15th?) chance, here are videos you need to see today.

High By The Beach, Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s latest video High By The Beach may look like the closing credits to an episode of The Hills, but this version has exactly one more machine gun than the reality show.

Back Together, Robin Thicke feat. Nicki Minaj

Remember when Robin Thicke had the biggest song in the world and then cheated on wife Paula Patton and lost his career all at once? Saint Nicki to the rescue!

Locked Away, R City feat. Adam Levine

R City seemed to be worried that their video showing families being torn apart wouldn’t make us cry, so they had Adam Levine shave his head as well. Nooooooo!!!

Let It Happen, Tame Impala

Tame Impala’s trippy video for Let It Happen has viewers constantly questioning which version of the events unfolding on screen are real. In the end, one thing most of us can probably agree on is that airports are rarely a good time.

The Shade, Metric

Metric frontwoman Emily Haines sings “I want it all” in The Shade and the video reflects that. From space to war to robotic hands to having a bath on the roof of a building in LA, there isn’t much this video doesn’t cover.

Leave A Trace, CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES released a simple and solitary video for their latest single Leave A Trace, with lead singer Lauren Mayberry using her memorable stage presence and piercing gaze to do all the heavy lifting.