M.I.A. Takes Flight With New Single ‘Bird Song’

Bird Song

M.I.A. is less than one month away from releasing her fifth studio album, AIM, on September 9, and has already gifted fans with two new songs. The British rapper is now taking flight with a third single, the soaring “Bird Song.”

Produced by Blaqstarr, the new track is M.I.A. at her most inventive, rapping about birds. Really, it’s about birds. Eagles, ostriches, crows, falcons, hawks, vultures and more all get name drops, with the political rapper spitting, “I’m cuckoo for you, let’s talk.”

The intro to the song sounds like it was pulled from a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, equal parts Western film and bird sound effects. It sounds odd on paper, but it totally works.

The track was uploaded to Vevo as the “Blaqstarr Remix,” but it’s the version that will appear on AIM. M.I.A. will also release a version by her producer ex, Diplo, later this week.

In addition to Diplo and Blaqstarr, the new album will also feature production from Skrillex and vocals from Zayn Malik on the track “Freedun.”

Along with “Birds,” M.I.A. released the single and self-directed video for “Borders” back in November, which featured the musician escaping war zones with refugees. She also released the single “Go Off” this past July, complete with a music video showing explosions throughout a rocky terrain.

AIM is set to be released on September 9.