M.I.A. Releases Politically Charged New Song ‘P.O.W.A.’

Yesterday, British rapper and songwriter M.I.A. continued her brave button-pressing streak by dropping the music video for her new single “P.O.W.A.” In the video, M.I.A. gracefully moves her way through rocky terrain in a sheer orange ensemble while a row of men perform a captivating choreographed dance routine.

Just a few days ago, M.I.A. released the full lyric sheet as well as a 10-second teaser for “P.O.W.A.” on Twitter to build anticipation for the video.

Most M.I.A. fans have been focusing on the lyrics featured in the clip—“I’m not Rihanna, I’m not Madonna, I’m not Mariah or Ariana / I’m been around in this world causing drama.” But what might be more notable (and less surprising) is the anti-Trump sentiments that M.I.A. expresses in the song with the lyric, “Throw up my finger and I’m taking on / the Tower.”

This definitely isn’t the first time M.I.A. has proven she’s not afraid to get political, evident in the lyrics to previous singles like “Borders” and “Paper Planes.”

The “P.O.W.A.” video comes almost five months after M.I.A. dropped her fifth studio album AIM this past September. Based on a series of tweets posted earlier this week, it seems like M.I.A. originally planned to make the full version of “P.O.W.A.” public via Periscope this Monday, but the date was pushed back after Vevo and iTunes expressed interest in “officially” releasing the song.

She also made headlines last week when it was announced that she will be curating London’s Meltdown Music and Art Festival this year. She’ll be following in the footsteps of Yoko Ono, Morrissey, Patti Smith and David Bowie, and is taking the responsibility seriously.

“This Meltdown will be about putting on a musical week that shows different types of music which have inspired each other to exist,” M.I.A. said in an interview with London’s Southbank Centre.

It’s still unclear whether or not the “P.O.W.A.” acronym is actually supposed to stand for something, but we’ll stay tuned to see if M.I.A. eventually lets us know.