Michael Cera And Willow Smith Drop Dreamy New Track

Willow and Michael

Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. Drake and 40. Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff. Could Michael Cera and Willow Smith be adding their names to the list of the best musical partnerships in the past ten years? It’s possible.

The surprising duo dropped a new track on SoundCloud last night and made their debut as musical partners. Titled “Twentyfortyeight 2.0”, Smith delivers a spoken-word stream-of-consciousness monologue, saying “Maybe the pain that we’ve brought upon our brothers and sisters, that we’ve brought upon ourselves, isn’t true to who we really are.”

The soft and flowing electronic track is produced by Cera, who is best known for his roles in Arrested Development and Juno. The Brampton native has been quietly dipping his toes in the music scene for years, releasing a solo album in 2014 with true that and performing with Weezer.

Willow Smith burst out from her behind the shadow of her famous parents in 2010 thanks to her infectious, high-energy pop track “Whip My Hair.” Smith’s music has continued to evolve into an older sound, as heard on last year’s debut album Ardipithecus.

Smith appears to be a fan of her producer, tweeting the words Youth In Revlot, the title of one of Cera’s films, earlier this month. The teen also posted this on her Twitter account the same day.

The new song is under two minutes, leaving listeners wanting more and hoping for further collaborations. Or, we could just sit around all day while Michael Cera plays dreamscape sounds and Willow Smith talks to us. It sounds like a relaxing way to pass the time.