Miguel Brings Some Rock ‘N’ Roll To His R&B Fans On ‘Wild Heart’


Fri, August, 28 by


If you don’t know Miguel well, you’d think that he was just a sultry R&B singer who knows how to charm the pants off of anyone. And that is totally true, but he’s not just confined to the sounds of R&B; he’s also a big fan of big brash guitars and lots of other classic rock ‘n’ roll stylings.

Our very own Tyrone “T-Rex” Edwards sat down with Miguel when he was in Toronto to talk to him about his latest album Wild Heart, what “coffee” really means and how he is teaching his R&B audience about the history of rock music.

“I’m in love with rock ‘n’ roll,” Miguel tells Tyrone. “So listening to my music top to bottom really helps people understand the overall picture because as much as I’m rooted in soul, man, I think I’ve always had rock ‘n’ roll beating in my heart.”

He continues to draw a connection between the two genres, citing that they’re not as disparate as people think. “Rock ‘n’ roll really comes from R&B,” he says. “They’re damn near synonymous so it’s cool to get back to something that inspires and reintroduce my fans to something that’s heritage.”

Miguel also adds another thing he hopes to convey with his music, some important social commentary: “I’m excited to transcend whatever expectation comes with being brown-skinned.”

Watch the full interview below. Miguel’s new album Wild Heart is out now.