Watch Miike Snow’s Cinematic Video For ‘Genghis Khan’

Genghis Khan

Miike Snow announced their return today with a new music video, tour announcement, and an album release less than two months away. It’s going up on a Tuesday.

The Swedish trio just dropped their cinematic video for Genghis Khan and are either going through an 11th Century Emperor phase or just like saying ‘Genghis Khan’. It is pretty fun.

The hilarious and surprisingly emotional video is a take on 1960s spy films, with an evil ruler who just wants to be with the person he loves. Plus, there’s a dance sequence and we can never get enough of those.

Director Ninian Doff, who has worked with The Chemical Brothers, tweeted “It’s only January but I’ll bet @MiikeSnow wrote the catchiest song of 2016 Honour & a joy to make their latest video.” We’d have to agree with him on the catchy part (we assume the trio is very nice to work with as well).

The groovy pop track is the second single from Miike Snow’s upcoming third album, titled appropriately iii, which will be released March 4. Working with Tumblr and Spotify, iii will feature video and art pieces fans can experience while listening to the new record.

A 2016 North American tour, the first for the band in more than four years, kicks off one day before the March 4 release of iii. The tour includes three Canadian dates in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, as well as performances at Coachella, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and Alabama’s Hangout Music Festival.

Check out the video for Genghis Khan below and get ready for a little Uptown Funk mixed with Lean On.