Bring Your Plastered Pal To ‘Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates’


The summer isn’t really summer until Hollywood releases a booze-fuelled teen comedy about sex, and this time around, Fox has given us the luau-ready Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Brothers Mike and Dave Stangle (played by Workahalics Adam DeVine and Zac Efron) are quite possibly the bro-iest bros who ever bro-d. Notorious for ruining family occasions by turning up too hard, their parents instruct them to find nice, polite girls to bring as dates to their baby sister Jeanie’s (played by Sugar Lyn Beard, who you might remember from YTV’s The Zone!) upcoming destination wedding. As the (kind of) true story the movie’s based on goes, the brothers write up a Craigslist ad in the hopes of scoring some dates they’d be happy to bring home to mom.

Meanwhile, Alice and Tatiana, the dynamic BFF duo played by Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, are basically the human incarnations of the Foul Bachelorette Frog meme. After seeing the Stangles on television, they concoct a plan to become presentable ladies and con their way into an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii. Like the potty-mouthed Tatiana says, it’s #2016, #GirlsCanDoShit.


From there, the hilarity starts. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates has all the makings a raunchy summer flick needs and then some: happy ending massages, made-up sex moves, a jealous lesbian cousin and copious amounts of illegal drugs. But other than their butt doubles, you won’t see anything new from this gang of actors: DeVine is dumb, Kendrick is endearing, Plaza is blunt, and Efron is, to our excitement, shirtless.

While the jokes score big laughs, you shouldn’t expect much from the emotional/serious aspects of the film. Ignoring the convoluted character arcs and cringe-y sentimental revelations that plague the last act, the best takeaway from the quartet of troublemakers is the ride-or-die mentality they have for each other. Both Alice and David, the more rational half of the crew, love their partner-in-crime despite their shortcomings. They love them for—or rather, in spite of—who they truly are.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates hulas into theatres Friday, July 8. Watch the trailer below.