Mike On Much, Episode Eighty-Three: Noel Gallagher


Mike, Max and Shane discuss Arkells’ visit with The Tragically Hip’s Paul Langlois while on tour and the concept of “recalibrating your personality,” Mike’s trip to New York City with Tyrone Edwards to interview Noel Gallagher, his interview prep and the celebratory evening that followed.

Noel Gallagher (“Holy Mountain,” “It’s a Beautiful World”) tells Mike about an irritating flight, indulging his children, feedback, making “Who Built The Moon?”, reflecting on his catalogue, songwriting, the timing of Oasis’ success, the state of rock and roll and his opinion of brother Liam.

For dessert, Shane describes how he learned the gender of his baby and announces plans for the #ISangForLupusChallenge. To donate and learn more, visit www.lupuscanada.org.

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