Watch Miley Cyrus And Adam Sandler Perform Emotional Duet Of ‘No Freedom’

Miley Cyrus, Adam Sandler, No Freedom, Tonight Show

It’s Miley Cyrus week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and that means the musician, who released her sixth studio album Younger Now on Friday, will be performing and hanging out with Fallon all week long. It also means that Cyrus was on hand to open the show with a tribute performance following the horrific shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday that left more than 50 dead and at least 400 people injured.

“This morning we woke up to the news of another senseless shooting, this time in Las Vegas,” said Fallon at the top of the episode. “In the face of tragedies and acts of terror, we need to remember that good still exists as well. We’re here to entertain you tonight and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Fallon then introduced Cyrus and special guest Adam Sandler, who was on the show Monday night to promote his new film Meyerowitz Stories. Sandler joined Cyrus on vocals and on guitar for the pair’s beautiful performance of Dido’s “No Freedom.” Matching in all-black ensembles, the pair delivered a subdued and emotional performance of the 2013 track. While Miley’s impressive vocals come as no surprise, we were stunned to hear Sandler’s strong voice, who took a break from his usual comedic style of singing to deliver the somber performance.

Following the performance, Cyrus sat down with Fallon to explain why she chose Dido’s track to perform in the wake of the tragic event. “I’ve sang that song before for the Happy Hippie Foundation when I did the backyard sessions,” said Miley. “That was a song I performed because I love that there is no love without freedom and I think about that when these tragic events happen. What is music if we can’t go see our favourite artist perform because we’re scared of violence or we’re scared of losing someone that we love because we’re going to see a concert or a film. I think that right now, we’re supposed to be the land of the free, but we can’t have freedom if we’re constantly living in fear. So I think ‘never bow down to bullies,’ that’s what my parents always said, and to stand up for what’s right and I think, just constantly share hope instead of encouraging any more fear.”

Cyrus eventually closed out the evening with a performance of her inspiring 2009 single “The Climb.”