Miley Cyrus Joins Jimmy Fallon For The Latest Episode Of ‘Ew!’


Surprisingly, valley girl-voiced Miley Cyrus has never appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s long-running Tonight Show sketch, “Ew!” Not surprisingly? She nailed it.

Starring as Becky opposite Fallon’s Sara with no ‘h’, Cyrus plays a teen who spent her summer at theatre camp and vacationing with her family at the Grand Canyon. It’s a description that probably isn’t too far off Cyrus’ actual childhood summers.

Cyrus sported a brown wig and a Lisa Frank-inspired outfit that actually looked quite tame and understated for the notoriously flamboyant fashionista.

The two stars struck poses for Instagram memes, face swapped and had an “Ew!” dance party, which was promptly interrupted by A.D. Miles in his reoccurring role as real-life Ned Flanders, i.e. stepdad Gary.

Miley was on the show to promote the new season of The Voice, which premiered last night, and even took a moment during her performance of Bob Dylan’s “Baby, I’m In The Mood For You” to call out Fallon’s softball lobbying interview with Donald Trump. That Ms. Cyrus. She speaks the truth. Nothing Ew! about that.