Tyrone Edwards Picks His Movie Of The Year

Wed, December, 21 by Tyrone Edwards


Whether you’ve seen Moonlight yet or not, you still need to read this. It’s powerful, and tells the story of something I can guarantee you that you have never seen on screen before—and that’s a big statement in an age of countless remakes. Whether you have seen it or not you know the characters in the film; you may have rode the bus to school with them or worked at the mall after school with them. Though we all know these characters, it’s a wonder why we haven’t seen them represented on the screen prior to Moonlight. This film is accurate, thought provoking and very intense. It is progressive, necessary and helpful as we all try to co-exist with respect and insight. I hope you can watch this film with a clear mind and open heart. Moonlight deserves all the award recognition this season and warrants the post-mortem discussions that have already been happening, and that should continue. If you can’t tell, I like the movie and I think it’s the best film I saw during TIFF. Lets talk, tweet and IG at @mr1loveto—and check out my interview with the cast members below.