Famous Movie Couples That Definitely Didn’t Make It To Valentine’s Day

If Valentine’s Day and if its cheery messages of love and coupledom are getting you down, watching your favourite YA love story or rom com may feel like an activity that needs to wait until February 15. But even in movies, relationships don’t always work out, regardless of whether the couple has finally found one another by the time the credits roll.

Between distance, age gaps, and a lack of any common interests, many of our favourite film couples probably wouldn’t get past their first anniversary IRL. Let’s go to the movies and celebrate not being the only single person on V-Day.


Cher and Josh, Clueless

Cher and Josh are totally buggin’ if they think their relationship will last. First off, they have the whole former step-siblings thing to get through. Then there’s the issue of Josh often staying at Cher’s house, which wasn’t a big deal before, but we have a feeling Cher’s dad Mel will put an end to his open door policy once he finds out that adult Josh is dating his teenage daughter. On that note, the age gap of high school to college is a huge one during that period in a person’s life. She can’t go to his parties. He feels out of place at hers. The two would probably be broken up before Barneys even had the chance to debut their fall collection.


Lloyd and Diane, Say Anything

None of Lloyd’s friends ever really understand how his relationship with Diane worked and we were in the same boat. After she breaks up with him, Diane takes Lloyd back once she finds out that her father is going to prison. Then the two run off to Europe, where Diane will go to school and Lloyd will…what? Without a purpose or a reason for being there (other to admire Diane), the two will likely realize they don’t have anything in common and Lloyd and his boombox will return to the U.S. heartbroken.


Claire and Bender, The Breakfast Club

This one is probably the least surprising on the list. Claire and Bender know that if they’re going to keep seeing one another, the only way to do that is by secret detention room hook ups so that they can both keep their reputations intact. Of course, this won’t work once Prom comes around and the two get jealous when they bring other dates. Ugh, Prom!


Preston and Amanda, Can’t Hardly Wait

The ending credits of Can’t Hardly Wait told us that Preston and Amanda stayed together for the entire summer after she finally got ‘her’ letter and realized that the guy who also likes pop tarts was in love with her. But let’s be clear. Preston spent four years projecting his ideal woman onto Amanda without having ever talked to her. Sure, she did seem to be a nice person, but what was the likelihood they had anything other than a mutual attraction in common? Being good looking can sustain you for a summer, but when college classes started in the fall, we have a feeling that Preston and Amanda’s love story got a failing grade.


Sara and Derek, Save The Last Dance

We really want to believe that Derek and Sara stayed together after high school, but realistically they probably couldn’t make the distance and schedules work. He was going to Georgetown University in Washington and she was accepted to Juilliard in New York. Since this movie was made in 2001, they couldn’t Skype or Facetime and texting was years away. With such heavy course loads for both, we have a feeling a break up was inevitable. That doesn’t mean that we don’t dream of them getting back together at the high school’s 10-year reunion, with Derek’s sister Chenille ‘handling’ the reconciliation.


Josie and Mr. Coulson, Never Been Kissed

Okay, so Mr. Coulson, sorry, Sam running to the field to finally give no-longer-grossy Josie her first kiss is pretty damn romantic. But let’s not forget that he fell in love with Josie thinking she was his 17-year-old student. We have a feeling that the next big story Josie’s paper was going to break was all the other students coming forward to say that Mr. Coulson had hit on them as well.


Bella and Edward, Twilight

Bella and Edward may be able to live forever, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be together for ever. Sorry, Twihards, this hurts us too. Let’s look at the facts. Edward fell in love with Bella because he couldn’t read her mind and because she smelled good. His feelings had zero to do with her personality or the two of them sharing similar interests or life goals (she wanted to be alive, he was already dead). She feel in love with him because he was moody and difficult and kept leaving her. Boy, bye. Then he pushed her to get married the second she cleaned out her high school locker. This is not a healthy relationship and that’s not even taking into account the whole vampire thing. Team Jacob FTW.