Much Creator Naomi Leanage Shares Her Favourite Music Videos

Thu, November, 23 by Naomi Leanage

Hi! My name’s Naomi and I’m a Much Creator. The Creator Spotlight is on me this week, so I’m here to give you a list of my top ten favourite music videos. I actually have a hard time picking favourites, unlike my parents who chose me as their favourite child in 1992, so let’s take the pressure off and just consider this a list of music videos a random girl on the internet thinks are worth a look or listen.


LANY – Super Far

I’m pretty sure LANY used choreography from my Grade 8 talent show for this music video, but this tune is a BOP. (For those of you wondering what a “bop” even is, it’s a term my high school cousin uses, so I’m assuming it’s hip and young and cool, like I’m trying to be right now.)


Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

When my sister first told me three years ago that she was going to study abroad in Galway, my immediate response was, “Where in the world is that?!” Of course after visiting, I couldn’t stop recommending the city to anyone and everyone. While I convinced maybe two friends, Ed pulled through with this song and video to help put a bigger spotlight on this West Coast Irish city. The music video serves as the best kind of travel vlog, giving you a look at what makes Galway great.


New Rules – Dua Lipa

By now girls everywhere have already memorized the chorus to this female anthem, so we could repeat it to our friends at 2am on a Friday night, but have you seen the music video?! There are flamingos in it, and if you’re a true Dua Lipa fan (or just saw the behind-the-scenes Youtube video), then you know the only reason there are flamingos in it is because Dua Lipa wanted flamingos in it. Talk about living out your dreams.


Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

I’m a singer. The kind of singer who belts out lyrics very out of tune and only performs in two specific venues: The Car and The Shower. So, the fact that this song, which has no lyrics and no vocals whatsoever is on this list, means it’s worth a listen. The music video makes you want to become an 18-year-old DJ touring America, mainly because that is exactly what the video is about. If there was one word to describe this song it would be: CHILL.


Energy – Drake

This video is arguably one of Drake’s greatest music videos of all time. CGI (also known as Canada’s Greatest Inspiration) Drake killed every single scene. I may or may not have spent two hours of my life memorizing all the lyrics to this song, so that every time it plays at a party, I start rapping obnoxiously loud. I’m then reminded that the only rapping I should stick to is gift wrapping, which—would you look at that—I actually made a Youtube video about! Plug, plug, plug.


Let You Down – NF

Such a powerful and raw song, with an equally powerful music video.


All Is Well – Austin Basham

This music video only has 78,000 views, so does that make me a hipster for knowing about it? This is one of those songs you’d listen to in the car while staring out the window pretending you’re in a sad music video.


Mess Is Mine – Vance Joy

Sometimes I feel like songs can hold on to memories better than a picture. Every time I listen to “Mess Is Mine,” I’m instantly transported back to a European backpacking trip I went on two years ago. This music video is the answer to anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like if a polar bear became an Uber driver.


Waves – Dean Lewis

If my life were a teen movie, this song would probably be in there somewhere.


All Night – Chance The Rapper

I mean technically this isn’t a music video, but it’s a video with music, so I’m still including it in this list because I can’t get the chorus out of my head. Send help, it’s been months.