Much Creator of The Week: Meet YouTwoTV!


With a roster of over 40 incredible Much Creators constantly delivering hilarious, cool and inspirational videos to our Creators hub, it’s safe to say we have no shortage of talented folks we’re eager to show off. So, each week from here on out, we’ll be calling attention to our content creators in the form of Creator of the Week—a fun series that will shine a weekly spotlight on one of our digital influencers and the amazing videos they’re making.

To start, we’re excited to profile our newest addition to the Much Digital Studios family — YouTwoTV! YouTwoTV is made up of BFFs Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal, two Toronto-based YouTubers who are passionate about making people chuckle, feel warm, fuzzy and part of something through their charismatic videos about relationships and everyday life.

Get to know YouTwoTV by reading about them below, and visit their Much Creator page now to watch all of their great videos.

How did you become #Homies4Life?
To be honest, it was an awkward beginning. We metin  early 2015 at a video shoot—we may have said hi to each other, but we’re not really sure. We were in the same room for 15 hours and don’t remember talking to each other at all. We really met on our way to India! We were both going there for a project that we were working on. I (Jaz) thought Harjit hated me because he was super quiet and kept to himself, and Harjit thought I was super weird and annoying. We spent the first few days in India barely talking to each other but eventually, we slowly started becoming friends. When we got back to Brampton, we started hanging out almost everyday and became inseparable. Now, we’re #Homies4Life. Yay!

When did you decide to start your own YouTube channel?
YouTwoTV was born February of 2016. We actually both had our own channels for awhile and since we spent all of our time together, our vlog content was becoming the exact same. Jaz had just started a skit channel where she made me (Harjit) help her with everything. That was when we realized we should forget everything else and start a channel together. We’ve only tried to kill each other a couple of times, so I think we make a pretty good team.

What’s your goal in creating vlogs?
Our goal in creating content in general is to make people smile and laugh, and to inspire them to do whatever makes them happy!

Tell us how you guys decide on what to vlog about.
We don’t really have a system for video ideas. For YouTwoTV, usually one of us calls up the other at two in the morning saying “OMG I have an idea!” and then we go from there. On YouTwoVlogs, our daily vlog channel, we’re pretty raw with what we film. It’s usually just our daily life. Sometimes we throw in a challenge video or Q&A!


What’s something no one told you or you didn’t expect about blogging?
No one told us how obsessed we would become with creating content. We literally spend every minute doing something YouTube related. We pretty much have no social life.

Can you each list a beauty/grooming product you can’t live without? What makes you camera-ready?
Harjit: I cannot live without my blow dryer! Jaz makes fun of me sometimes because I take it everywhere!
Jaz: My whole make up kit! It’s only four or five items—like eyeliner, foundation, mascara—but I take them everywhere!

What are each of your all-time favourite snacks – i.e. filming fuel?
During the filming process, we’re a hot mess. We start off attempting to eat healthy but by the end of the shoot, we eat pretty much anything we can get our hands on. It usually ends up with us ordering pizza and wings and garlic toast…and potato wedges. Don’t judge us.

Who are your idols?
Harjit: Eminem for life, homie! I’m obsessed. I have an entire wall dedicated to him. Also, Shah Rukh Khan. I don’t have a wall for him but I’m equally as obsessed.
Jaz: Donald Glover. He can sing, rap, act, direct, write, produce…and the list goes on. I currently can’t do any of these things, but I still want to be the girl version of him when I grow up.

What are your pet peeves?
Harjit: When Jaz doesn’t let me sleep.
Jaz: When Harjit doesn’t wake up on time.


What’s the best part about being in a relationship?
You have someone to constantly annoy 24 hours a day.

What’s the best part about being single?
You don’t have anyone annoying you at all moments of the day.

What kind of issues do you care most about?
One issue we’re really passionate about are people who are afraid to follow their dreams and passions. In every one of our daily vlogs, we encourage our viewers to stay true to themselves and stop caring about what other people think. We encourage them to follow their dreams no matter what. Another issue we care about is people overcoming their depression and anxiety. We get a lot of comments and messages about this subject and we like to encourage our viewers to be open and to talk to someone about it. Depression is really common in this day and age and we feel like it’s not talked about enough.

What’s your best advice for vloggers just getting started?
Don’t stop! There are times you will want to quit or will feel discouraged, but just keep going and don’t stop doing what you love. Support your dreams until your dreams support you!

Check out YouTwoTV’s Creator page here!