Watch Much Creators And Clara Hughes Share Their Mental Health Experiences

Much Creators Lets Talk

Yesterday’s Bell Let’s Talk Day continued Bell’s mission to end the stigma against mental illness. Thanks to the support of people across Canada and beyond, 131,705,010 interactions, including texts, retweets and social media posts helped raise $6,585,250 towards mental health initiatives.

Even though Bell Let’s Talk is done for another year, ending the stigma surrounding mental health and increasing services for people suffering from mental illness is something that should be practiced every day.

A number of our Much Creators posted videos sharing their own mental health stories—their bravery and honesty an inspiring example of how people can feel less alone when they are enabled to speak openly about their struggles without judgment.

Chelsi Madonna

Fashion and beauty vlogger Chelsi Madonna posted a brave and emotional video for #BellLetsTalk and revealed that in 2016, she not only suffered from anxiety, but also made a big revelation in her life that caused both pain and joy.


For those who don’t suffer from anxiety, understanding what it feels like to deal with anxiety or suffer from anxiety attacks can be a mystery. Much Creator Dan James opens up about his experience with anxiety, sharing the story of his first anxiety attack in college.

Mike On Much

Canadian comedian Howie Mandel may be best known for his roles on TV and in movies, but Mandel’s latest gig has been as a spokesperson for Bell Let’s Talk Day. Mandel recently sat down with his son Alex and the hosts of the Mike On Much podcast to discuss how mental health has evolved in their family.


Vlogger Tanya knows exactly how it feels to have social anxiety. Although she’s known for being outgoing in her videos and in person, Tanya explains that social anxiety can affect anyone and encourages her viewers not to feel ashamed or that their feelings are trivial.


As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, MissFenderr knows that one of the effects of both illnesses can be a lack of motivation and productivity. By ‘chunking’ your day, Alayna explains how breaking down tasks can help make the day feel more manageable and less overwhelming.

Much host Tyrone Edwards also sat down with Canadian Olympian and Bell Let’s Talk spokesperson Clara Hughes to talk about why understanding mental health is so important in helping to end the stigma and provide relief to those suffering.