Much Digital Studios Creator Michael Rizzi And Alayna Fender Talk YouTube And LGBTQ Role Models


Much HQ was taken over on Friday by Much Digital Studios Creator Michael Rizzi and YouTube personality Alayna Fender (aka MissFenderr).

The two hilarious YouTubers held a meet-up for their fans with the help of their boyfriends Chris Zapata and Dallas Christopher.

We got to sit down with the funny creators to ask them a few burning questions.

What’s your go-to restaurant when you’re downtown Toronto?

Alayna: We just discovered Fresh! I’m vegan and it’s the most unreal vegan food I’ve ever had. I hadn’t tried it until I just came to Toronto, but Fresh all the way.

Michael: Joey’s. I always go to Joey’s. It’s not on the menu, but you can order these fried mashed potatoes, they’re basically in spring rolls but there’s mashed potatoes inside and they have sour cream and bacon. Oh my god, it’s so good.

What’s your favourite place to eat back in your hometowns?

A: A new pizza place just opened up called Vera Pizzeria! I just get a pizza, but with no cheese. Their crust and sauce and everything! You don’t even miss the cheese.

M: Ottawa is awesome for diners. I love the Elgin Street Diner. It’s 24 hours, so if you need food at 3 a.m., you go to Elgin Street Diner for poutine. It’s so good.

Who’s your favourite Canadian artist at the moment and your favourite song of theirs?

M: Not shamelessly at all, I love Justin Bieber’s new album. I’m like absolutely obsessed with it. Favourite song on it would be Sorry. The Arkells are good too!

A: Patrick Watson. My favourite songs would have to be Big Bird In a Small Cage, and Into Giants.

What is your top piece of advice for anyone wanting to become YouTube creator?

A: Make content that you enjoy. You have to enjoy what you make, because it doesn’t happen right away, you don’t get an audience right away, and if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, what’s the point? Whatever you’re making, whatever you’re putting out there, as long as you enjoy it, someone else will too.

M: Don’t pay so much mind to numbers. I think a lot of people get really wrapped around numbers, where it’s just like, “Oh my god I only have 1000 subscribers,” but it’s just like that’s 1000 people that watch you. Don’t pay too much attention to numbers and focus on the content you’re actually making. And I agree, make content you actually want to make, cause once you find what you like you get very engaged in it.

What is your favourite YouTube video you’ve done on your page so far?

A: It would have to be the first episode of I Don’t Bi It, it’s a series I do on my channel. It’s a parody series on biased interviewing or biased media. And I love Don’t Bi It episode one, it’s called “Dating a Bisexual is Hard”, it kills me.

M: Yeah I love that series! My favourite one I did was a video called Living With The Stigma of HIV. I interviewed a series of people who were HIV positive, and I talked to them a little bit about the stigma that they face. That was just a really cool video because it was one of those things I really wanted to do and I just set a date, I came to the Much studios, I filmed it. It went really well.

Who is your favourite LGBTQ activist on YouTube at the moment?

A: I have a soft spot for Rosie of Rose and Rosie (aka TheRoxetera), I love Rosie because she’s also bisexual and you don’t see a lot of—at least from what I’ve seen—of bisexual women represented on YouTube, so I definitely have a soft spot for her.

M: Mine would be Tyler Oakley. Reason being, on his birthday every year for the past few years, instead of people getting him gifts he’s raised money for the Trevor Project in the States. He’s raised well over $1 million for them and uses his platform for good which is awesome.

What is the best part of being creator?

A: Meeting the people that enjoy your content.

M: I was going to say that too!

A: It is! It’s meeting the people who watch you because you instantly have a connection with them. You instantly have something in common because you both clearly enjoy the same type of comedy or you share the same viewpoint on issues.

M: I would also say the people you meet through YouTube. Like how we met you (looking at Alayna), know what I mean? I think you meet very creative people, you meet people with the same kind of mindset as you, and you enjoy telling stories. Now I have friends all over the world and we fuel each other’s creativity.

Scroll down to check out some cute photos from the meet-up!